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Happy New Year From Made By Debbie Howe

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I would like to wish all my friends, family & customers a Very Happy 2012.
Happy 2012
I'm actually cheating by changing the date this is written, it's actually the 15th January but this year got off to such a busy start that I am only just getting around to writing this.
Wedding season is now in full swing so I'm back to working long hours. I enjoy every second of it though so am not complaining.
My business aims for this year-
* New Embroidery machine
* Spend more time on building site
* Add lots of new designs to the site
* Must employ somebody to help me do all this or else find a magic machine to stretch the hours out a bit 
No. 2 & 3 will happen, No.1 one will if I get chance to do some research on all the many machines out there. No.4 if you are out there, live in Torbay, can use a sewing/embroidery machine and can do the post office run for me everyday PLEASE get in touch......
We will see what happens. I would just like 2012 to be as enjoyable as last year. I dealt with lots of wonderful wedding customers last year, some of whom still keep in touch.
Good luck to all the Bride & Grooms of 2012
Debbie x

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