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My Computers Hate Me

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Well as the title says my computers really do seem to hate me. The 2nd one has died on me in two years. Although to be fair on myself my nephews did play a hand in killing my latest one.
Whilst they were having a shower together they decided to play games with the on off switch, the result being the shower died, light in the fridge caught fire and computer died.
Oh I do love you Josh & Jude......but you are still banned for life from taking showers in my house!!
So whilst their Father is trying to fix the 'dead' computer I am having to manage on a laptop which tired of life about 2 years ago and yesterday decided to start making a noise that resembled a lawn mower. I seriously thought it, me and my sewing room were going to go up with a bang.
But today 'touch wood' all is working again.
So if I dissapear for a while it's because I am computerless.
Not good when I am having the busiest year ever, so could really do without these sort of problems.
Better go and get on with some work, got a very busy Monday ahead today.
Debbie xx

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