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Swarovski Crystals & Pearls

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So I thought this year couldn’t get any worse......but it just has!
Swarovski have announced that as from next year they will no longer be selling to suppliers. This means all the crystals, rhinestones and pearls that I use will run out!
Nearly everything I make features Swarovski. Even though they are more expensive I find they have the best sparkle and a fantastic range of colours.
I will be buying as much as I can so I have stock but this is not easy when weddings are at a standstill and business is so quiet. I also have no idea how much stock my suppliers have.
I will gradually be removing some designs, especially the ones loaded with pearls and crystals. My stocks will be far too precious to be making the products that use so many pearls/crystals.
So please if you do like anything I make using Swarovski don’t delay in ordering. 
I may just need to buy in extra gin to get over this shocking news.....
I am finding it very difficult to buy any stock at all at the moment and so some designs will be removed a lot quicker than expected. I am very limited on anything using the blue pearls. 
So please.....if there is a design you are looking to buy which uses blue pearls order as soon as you can.

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