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Been a bad blogger....

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I must apologise for my lack of entries in my blog, I really haven't been very good at this 'blogging'.
On the plus side the main reason for not having written much is that I have been so busy with orders that it is mainly due to lack of time. Still winter will be here soon enough so hopefully I will have time to catch up with lots of things and get started on my list of things to do.
Apart from being busy with orders my 'baby' Bailey, the gorgeous fella below has been a bit under the weather. This picture was taken before Bailey, as usual, ripped the eyes off.
Bailey has got poorly hips. Hopefully beginning hydrotherapy soon to make them a bit stronger. Not that you would think he was ill the way he behaves sometimes. He regularly appears in my sewing room throughout the day for either attention, food or it's time for walkies. I wouldn't have him any other way though.
So I promise to try and be a bit more regular at posting but we will have to wait and see how well I do.
Debbie & Bailey xx

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